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Since we design and manufacturer an extensive collection of diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry, we can custom set your diamond choice in the setting that you specify. Often we can do this for less than half of the cost elsewhere.  Most of the time we can complete the job in less than two business days. Side-diamonds are custom matched to the center diamond and cost is directly related to their quality and weight.


Baguettes Side Diamonds
Round Center Baguettes Side Diamonds

Trillions Side Diamonds
Princess Center Trillions Side Diamonds
3-Emerald Diamonds
Princess Center Trillions Side Diamonds Gold

3-Round Diamonds
3-Round Diamonds

3-Princess Diamonds
3-Princess Diamonds
3-Emerald Diamonds
3-Emerald Diamonds
Platinum Rings
Custom Designed to Your Specifications
Trillions Side Diamonds
Platinum Trillions Side Diamonds
2-Baguettes Side Diamonds
Platinum 2-Baguettes Side Diamonds
4-Baguettes Side Diamonds
Platinum 4-Baguettes Side Diamonds
  Princess Side Diamonds
Princess Side Diamonds

Ovals Side Diamonds
Ovals Side Diamonds

Pears Side Diamonds
Pears Shape Side Diamonds

14 or 18 K Gold Settings

Two- Tone
 Two- Tone Gold Ring

Yellow Gold
Yellow Gold Ring
Two- Tone
 Gold Ring
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